Resident Car Passes

If you are planning a house party on 3rd November it is essential that you ask your friends; guests and relatives arrive at your homes by no later 17.30. If you are having guests please start advising them of this now, they can of course use one of the car parks after this time.

Brockham Lane, Kiln Lane, the Borough Bridge, Old School Lane, Middle Street and Wheelers Lane will all close to all traffic at 17.30. This will mean that all the official road closures will come into force at the same time. This year, for safety reasons the road across the Green may remain closed until at least 23.00.

Passes may be issued to RESIDENTS of Brockham who genuinely cannot get home from work before the Road Closures come into effect at 17.30hrs on Saturday 3rd November 2019. They are not issued for any other reason. These are STRICTLY for Residents, your guests are asked to arrive before this time or use one of the many car parks.

This year, where possible, passes will be e-mailed to you.

To request a pass, please send an e-mail to:

You will be sent a pass via e-mail which you must complete, print and sign. The pass will contain a unique bar code. If you print more than one copy we will know from our records and you will be refused entry and will not be eligible for a pass in the future. You MUST have your pass with you on Bonfire Night. Passes are strictly non-transferable.

Alternatively, if you have not got access to a computer, please phone: 07807 359 750.

Please only phone regarding passes between 18.00 and 20.00hrs. You may have to leave a message as we are busy in preparation for the bonfire. You can also collect a pass between 11.00 and 12.00 from the Bonfire Team on the Village Green on Saturdays and Sundays. No passes will be issued after 2nd November 2019. Your pass can be collected from the Hair Salon on Brockham Green

Please note, there is strictly no access across the Village Green or Borough Bridge. The Opening time of the road Closures is subject to Police approval and may well be after 23.00hrs. No telephone calls can be taken or e-mails answered regarding passes after 2nd November 2019.