Parish News October 2019

Brockham Bonfire Celebrations, 3rd November 2019

The pole has gone up and the bonfire boys and girls have been hard at work building this year’s bonfire. Once again we will be making collections around the village but for safety reasons ont on the A25. Please remember we cannot get to every house in the village on the same day! Unfortunately we are NOT able to collect or accept building material, concrete fence posts, grass cuttings, the rubbish from your garden shed and windfall apples! Please keep rubbish tidy and where possible put your tree loppings on a trailer provide. If it is full, please wait until we empty it.

Are you new to the village and want to become involved in the bonfire fun? Lots to do, new friends to make of all ages, you will find us on Brockham Green every weekend so please do come along and join in the fun – everyone is welcome. Just turn up. We also meet in the Village Hall every Wednesday evening at 20.00. Even if you can only spare an hour of your time on Bonfire Night we will appreciate your volunteering. If you and your family would like to join the front of the Torchlight Procession in fancy dress costumes are supplied by us, please do give Doreen a call. Last year we were able to donate over £20,000 to worthwhile causes in the local area. We hope to be able to raise even more this year and with your support and dry weather anything is possible!

If you are planning a house party on 4th November it is essential that you ask your friends; guests and relatives arrive at your homes by no later 17.30. If you are having guests please start advising them of this now, they can of course use one of the car parks after this time.

Brockham Lane, Kiln Lane, the Borough Bridge, Old School Lane, Middle Street and Wheelers Lane will all close to all traffic at 17.30. This will mean that all the official road closures will come into force at the same time. This year, for safety reasons the road across the Green may remain closed until at least 23.00.

Passes may be issued to RESIDENTS of Brockham who genuinely cannot get home from work before the Road Closures come into effect at 17.30hrs on Saturday 7th November 2015. They are not issued for any other reason. These are STRICTLY for Residents, your guests are asked to arrive before this time or use one of the many car parks.

his year, where possible, passes will be e-mailed to you.

To request a pass, please send an e-mail to
with BONFIRE PASS in the subject line stating:
Name of Resident
Make of Car
Vehicle Registration number
Entry point, i.e. Brockham Lane, Strood Green, Old School Lane, Kiln Lane
Approximate time and Destination in Brockham

You will be sent a pass via e-mail which you must complete, print and sign. The pass will contain a unique bar code. If you print more than one copy we will know from our records and you will be refused entry and will not be eligible for a pass in the future. You MUST have your pass with you on Bonfire Night. Passes are strictly non-transferable.

Alternatively, if you have not got access to a computer, please phone 07807 359 750. Please only phone regarding passes between 18.00 and 20.00hrs. You may have to leave a message as we are busy in preparation for the bonfire. You can also collect a pass between 11.00 and 12.00 from the Bonfire Team on the Village Green on Saturdays and Sundays. No passes will be issued after 1st November 2019. Your pass can be collected from the Hair Salon on Brockham Green

Please note, there is strictly no access across the Village Green or Borough Bridge. The Opening time of the road Closures is subject to Police approval and may well be after 23.00hrs. No telephone calls can be taken or e-mails answered regarding passes after 1st November 2019.

Does your family want to sponsor a firework? Your own personal message will appear, on the bonfire web site and will be read out over the loudspeakers on the night. It can be a very special present for someone. Please call Doreen today on 01737 843041regarding firework sponsorship. We look forward to you all joining us on the village green to join in the building fun, for what we are sure will be yet another tremendous Brockham Bonfire.

We will publish updated information regarding the Brockham Bonfire Celebrations on our web site.

Best wishes
Brockham Bonfire Boys and Girls