Parish News November 2019

Brockham Bonfire Celebrations, 3rd November 2019

The Bonfire building programme is on schedule and we have had bonfire tractors in most parts of the Village. Our sincere thanks to all residents who have provided us with suitable building material and especially those who have saved us valuable time by filling the trailers.

Landowners and farmers around the Village have promised us their fields again for car parks, our thanks again to them – as usual we hope for dry weather.

You can still sponsor a firework, as an individual or family, but please hurry, a great opportunity for a minimum donation of £25.00. Please call Doreen Bates today (01737 843041). The names and messages will appear on the Bonfire web site and they will be announced on Bonfire Night between 19.30 and 20.30.

The Bonfire Night celebrations will follow the traditional pattern, beginning with the torch light procession. The Procession will start on the Village Green at 18.30hrs, prior to this the Guy and its escorts will head north up Brockham Lane to the Avenue. Here it will about turn leaving at 18.15hrs and head back over the Village Green, pass into Wheelers Lane, Wellhouse Lane and Middle Street before returning to the Green to light the Bonfire at 19.45hrs. If the Bonfire burns as we hope; we will start the firework display at approximately 20.15hrs.

The car parks will all open by 16.30hrs. It is our intention to encourage everyone into official car parks; this prevents cars parking on roads around the village (and pay for the fireworks, our Insurance, toilet hire and may other expenses) and should enable emergency service vehicles to access all parts of the village, should they be required. As usual, please ask your houseguests to park off the road (or in official car parks) and to arrive before 17.00hrs. The Village Green and Borough Bridge (Kiln Lane junction) will close at 17.30hrs. In the interest of safety BROCKHAM LANE AT THE JUNCTION WITH THE A25 WILL CLOSE AT 17.30hrs AND MAY REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL at least 23.00hrs. Access to Old School Lane, Wheelers Lane, Middle Street and Strood Green from Gadbrook Crossroads and all the roads leading from them will be restricted after 17.30hrs. No access to the Village Green by car will be possible after 17.30hrs.

Access to Kiln Lane, will only be from the Old Reigate Road (Not Brockham Lane) Kiln Lane will be one way with traffic flowing West to East from 17.30hrs until 22.30hrs. Naturally the Stewards will be as helpful as is practicable, but dozens of car drivers ALL have friends whose house they are trying to get to.

If you are new to Brockham and want to know anything about Bonfire Night, please consult the web site or come along to the Village Green at weekends and we will explain anything and answer your questions. If you feel able to assist in a big or small way – especially shaking collecting bucket after the firework display or Stewarding is a fun and rewarding way of spending a few hours, please give Doreen Bates a ring (01737 843041). We need more young people to help, the oldies are getting older!

Last year over £25,000 was again given to local societies, charities and worthy causes. We have a job for you! Why not offer your assistance to ensure that Brockham benefits from Bonfire Night? Don’t forget to check our website at for all the latest updates and information about the event. Your guests can now donate on-line if you miss the collection buckets! Until after Bonfire Night, our web site will only contain essential information, all the links to pictures will be re-instated afterwards – we don’t want to attract more happy revellers.

The Police will be taking a very robust approach to the consumption of alcohol by anyone under 18 years of age. Please do not provide your teenagers with alcohol, they will be searched, and alcohol confiscated. Intoxicated youngsters will be taken to a place of safety, this could be Reigate Police Station!

We do hope you all enjoy the celebrations.

Best wishes
Brockham Bonfire Boys and Girls


14.00 - Children's Fancy Dress Competition - Brockham Village Hall
16.30 - Car Parks Open
17.00 - Catering Stalls Open
17.30 - All Road Closures in place and many remain closed until 23.00
The area around the Village Green becomes a traffic exclusion zone
18.15 - Procession leaves the Village Green and heads North and then South
19.45 - Lighting of the Bonfire
20.15 - Fireworks Display
20.45 - Roast Pig Auction
21.15 - Raffle Draw
23.00 - approx. Brockham Lane and the Village Green re-opens to traffic