Get Involved

If you wish to join in building just appear on the Green Saturdays mornings 9am, Sundays mornings 8am and we take lunch between 12pm to 2pm. All are welcome, young and old we can always find you something to do.

You Need To Know

The Bonfire Committee meet on Wednesday nights 8:30pm in the Village Hall from late September onwards ALL ARE WELCOME, we can arrange a tempory membership with the club allowing the purchase of drinks at these meeting. No one gets paid, we do it because its fun.

All donations go to local charities and organisations, money from parking and food sales helps run the following years event.

There are many ways in which you can help, building, updating this site, torch stick making, brochure compiling and the many admin jobs required to run this event. This is just a sample of what goes on behind the scenes. So please come along and join the team! we dont bite!!!!!