Coming to the Bonfire

We warmly welcome families attending Brockham Bonfire, it is traditionally a "family" night of fun and celebration to raise funds for local societies, worthy causes and local charities.

Your attention is drawn to the following:

Young People, unaccompanied by Parents attending Brockham Bonfire

If you are underage, you are very likely to be searched for alcohol and drugs. be warned and be aware of the consequences

Parents of unaccompanied teenagers. Your child may be searched for drugs or alcohol. The Police will be very pro active in 2019. They may be detained and you may have to collect them from Brockham. This may involve you walking a very long distance and will take you some time. If parents are not able to collect them they may be taken to Reigate Police Station.

Please be aware of "sleepovers", ensure you know where they are and that they know the ground rules of attending Brockham Bonfire.

Please do not give them or allow them to bring alcohol to Brockham if they are underage please do not let them remove alcohol from your drinks cabinet.

To ensure their safety, when they leave your care, please ensure their soft drinks are not laced with alcoholic spirits.

The Police will visit local schools and warn young people of their pro active approach to Policing at the Bonfire and the consequences to them and you.

The Police will monitor Facebook and other social networking sites. We suggest you do too.

Neither the Police or the organizers have no issues with responsible people, of any age who come to Brockham to enjoy the evening

You may find the following helpful if you are coming to Brockham Bonfire.


Use a car park, if you park on the A25 or in a dangerous way, the Police may tow your car away

Arrive in the Brockham area by 18.00 - 19.00

Prepare to walk from the car park

Support only our catering stalls.

Follow pa instructions, they are to keep you safe. Do as the Stewards ask.

It is very busy, safe, noisy and fun. Be very generous with your donations

Remember where you parked, and do not rush to leave the Village immediately after the fireworks, it is VERY busy and you may experience some delays in the car parks, especially if it is wet.

If you think this is not for you, please do not come.

Detailed Advice

Please note, Brockham is a Village, no cash machines are available. Please ensure you bring sufficient cash with you for the evening. We are exploring options for 'touch screen donations' but cash donations will be a far easier option for you.

Firstly, it is very busy and if you do not live in Brockham you may have a 20 minute walk from a car park. The traffic is heavy so allow plenty of time. The bonfire will be lit on time. It is dark and whilst we provide some additional lighting you may be walking on un-lit country roads.

Car Parks are well signposted, please do NOT PARK on the highway, pavement or restrict the movement of emergency service vehicles. The car parks are numbered, so please try and remember where you have parked! To park will cost £10.00 per car including a free brochure and glow in the dark bangles(while stocks last). This is one of our main income streams to pay for the firework display.

Additional buses run to and from both Reigate and Dorking, please look at the bus timetable page . The 'drop off and collection' is a 15 minute walk from the Bonfire. Times will be posted when confirmed for 2019.

Many people walk from Dorking, a brisk 30-45 minute walk; I'm told its great fun to follow the A25 and then walk through the 'Old Coach Road' directly onto the Village Green. Part of the Old Coach Road may be used as a car park so be aware of motor vehicles.

The centre of Brockham becomes a traffic exclusion zone from 17.30 until at least 23.00. This is for the safety of all Brockham residents and those attending the bonfire.

Only residents are given passes that cannot get home by 17.30. Please ensure you use a car park. If the weather is atrocious alternative arrangement are made. If you are a disabled badge holder we will try and get you as near to the bonfire as possible, but please contact us well in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please e-mail The parking of coaches is difficult and we do need prior warning if your coach is to park anywhere near Brockham.

When you arrive in the centre of the village you will be greeted by 'Bucket and Tin Collectors'. A voluntary donation of £5.00 per person is asked to support the various local charities and societies that we support.

We stage the event to give you pleasure, your generosity in the past has enabled us to give away in excess of £20,000 to local worthy causes each year. Dig deep into your pockets please!

Once on the Village Green as you await the arrival of Guy Fawkes and the procession our three catering stalls will be serving hot dogs, burgers, bacon rolls, soft drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate (church end). This again helps to fund the firework display. Eat well and be merry. You will also notice the 'Pig Roast'. Prime pork that has been cooking for 12 hours will be auctioned in joints after the firework display.

This is a site for much fun, banter, reunions and even proposals of marriage! The Pig Roast is a tradition dating back over 70 years. One the Guy is fixed to the top of the bonfire over 500 burning torches will encircle the bonfire and when everyone is ready the fire will be lit. You’ll need good lungs, as cheering and clapping are compulsory. We do it bigger, better and noisier in Brockham.

About 30 minutes after the bonfire is lit the firework display will begin (very noisy). Full audience participation is expected. Oohs and ahhs are again compulsory. The firing and throwing of your own fireworks is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with firmly by the Stewards. We ask you to listen very carefully to the commentator and respond if Stewards ask you to move. Depending on the wind direction and the nearer you are to the Bonfire ash and embers may fall near you.

It is not a night for designer clothes and high-heeled shoes. Old coats, boots, hats and scarves are the dress code also bring a TORCH you will be walking on un-lit paths and verges. It can be wet and slippery, we cannot be responsible for damage to your clothing or for slips and falls on wet grass, in muddy fields, over un-lit kerb stones or potholes in the roads. Watch out for Bonfire bangle sellers; please only buy them from us.

Hundreds of kids with bangles look great in the dark and again the profit from bangles is another contribution to the cost of fireworks. Please take note of the large illuminated signs, especially north, south, pump and exit signs. Toilets are provided to both the north, between the two public houses and south, the Church end of the Village Green. The 'pump' is the 'meeting point', for friends, old and new.

Safety instructions are given to the crowd using north and south of the bonfire as reference points. You need to know where you are to follow instructions. All of the emergency services are present together with Bonfire Stewards to ensure your safety and enjoyment. All we ask of you is that you have fun, cheer and clap and give generously to our fundraising, listen carefully to the Public Address system and leave the Village in a slow orderly manner under the direction of the Stewards.

Listen out for instructions, especially 'if you are stood on grass and asked to stand still'. This allows us the clear the roads first and then those people stood on grass. Better still; eat more food from the catering stalls, which stay open until 22.00 or when the foods runs out! Please put rubbish in the bins provided, or take it home with you, do not leave any litter in the car parks and respect the farmer's fields that you have parked in.