Building Material

To build our annual bonfire on Brockham Green requires a lot of building material and our community spirit is enhanced by our street collections to all parts of the village.

For many years we have also taken branches from local tree surgeons but as you will all be aware we have to fence off the village Green to deter fly tippers and to have some control on the amount of material. It is a fine balance between too much of the right material and too little.

To build a safe, attractive, perfectly shaped masterpiece of a bonfire requires the right kind of building material, preferably tree branches. Historically, some thirty years ago the bonfire was built entirely of hedge cuttings from farmers' fields.

Signage in the village and fencing off the Green has helped us over many years to build the perfect bonfire. We need this to continue and we thank the majority of villagers for their contributions.

However, it is time for a reminder to everyone on what we really need to build a safe bonfire and what is unacceptable. We are limited on time and we are involved in bonfire building because we want to. Having to spend hours clearing grass cuttings, leaves and windfall apples, broken fence panels, window frames and sheds, even when we put out the No More Rubbish has ceased to be fun.

What do we want to collect from houses around the village?

Branches, Branches and Branches and anything we can pick up with a pitchfork. This excludes very small privet hedge clippings and grass cuttings. The bigger the material the easier it is for us to move.

Time is our enemy and we are always extremely grateful to those residents who help us by loading a trailer. We also appreciate those who wait for us to empty a trailer before stacking additional rubbish around it.

In summary, we love branches but please dont ruin a great branch but cutting it into small pieces. Anything up to 10ft long is ideal.

Builders, roofers, window fitters, kitchen fitters and carpenters you may think you are doing us a great favour and providing us with nice dry wood. Sadly this is not the case, it takes too long to collect, and looks a mess around the village and when we come to clear the village, such wood and branches do not load safely onto a trailer.

We really appreciate your Help the Bonfire Boys and Girls!