Saturday 8th November 2014


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We warmly welcome families attending Brockham Bonfire, it is traditionally a ‘family’ night of fun and celebration to raise funds for local societies, worthy causes and local charities. Welcome.


Firework Sponsors 2013


 Brockham Bonfire 2013

Well done Brockham as a community and especially the Bonfire Boys and Girls. Never, in nearly 40 years officiating on a microphone have I been speechless. The weather, wind, bonfire and fireworks combining to create such a breath-taking finale. Be assured it was not part of the plan but never have so many people been transfixed by pyrotechnic and bonfire brilliance. I think we were all concerned about gale force winds and heavy rain but a clear and gusty night brought a smaller than normal crowd to Brockham who were focussed on the fun of the evening. They were vocal and generous in their applaud and thankful comments.

The Bonfire boys worked tirelessly to create a safe environment, with well over fifty people taking annual leave and several ‘older’ boys and girls joining the fun. Not forgetting our next generation of youngsters whose half term ensured we were ‘ready’ ahead of schedule.

With so many people giving so much it is impossible to name them all, you know who you are and we thank you. However big or small your contribution or your kind words, comments, constructive criticism, cups of coffee they are all appreciated.

As we go to print, with a smaller crowd this year, takings from car parks, catering and collections tins are slightly down on previous years but we will still have approaching £20,000 for distribution to local societies, worthy causes and charities to distribute before Christmas. We cannot measure success by finance alone. What is absolutely certain is that we set out to organise a firework display and build a bonfire, collect building material from around the village, Finnish the bonfire, early to allow us to prepare the Village for our guests. We did this come rain and shine. We had visitors, friends and families ‘coming home’. We made many people very happy and most of the time we did it with a smile, enthusiasm and determination. We made ourselves proud, we kept Brockham on the international map as a wonderful community to be part of.

Sincere thanks to everyone for your part in demonstrating that ‘we can deliver on our promise.

Tony Hines


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